Whatever your role, Power BI brings all your data together

Power BI brings you your data in a form you can use to unlock insights easily and drive more informed, confident decisions. No matter what industry you're in, get the metrics you need instantly and keep everyone on the same page.

Business User

Work with your organization

Don't see what you're looking for? Power BI has tools for the Business Analyst in your organization to bring in your organizational data and create content packs for your organization.

Find a partner

Power BI has a global network of certified Power BI implementers ready to help your analysts connect to your data. Find a Power BI partner.

Business Analyst

Import, reshape, and model your data

With Power BI Desktop, you can create your own reports based on data from a wide variety of sources. Import data from on-premises sources such as SQL Server, SharePoint files and lists, Analysis Services, and other enterprise data solutions, or SaaS sources like Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, and Google Analytics. Reshape and model this data easily with the Power BI Desktop, to meet your analysis and reporting needs.

Create stunning reports and visualizations

Power BI Desktop provides a seamless and powerful experience for creating and customizing your Power BI reports.

Create content packs to share your insights

When you create dashboards and reports on data sources in Power BI, you can bundle them as content packs and publish them for your colleagues as "out-of-the-box" solutions. Plus, you can schedule automatic data refreshes for the whole content pack.

BI Professional

Connect your on-premises Analysis Services Server

With Power BI, you can connect to your on-premises Analysis Services Tabular models using the Analysis Services Connector. As the Analysis Services Server admin, you set up and maintain the Analysis Services Connector. Extending your on premise data investments to Power BI couldn't be easier with the Analysis Services Connector.

Empower your colleagues to create their own reports

With the Analysis Services Connectors your colleagues can create dashboards and reports that query an on-premises Analysis Services model in real time.


Integrate your applications with Power BI

Power BI is the platform to use to add compelling data experiences to your solution, application, or service. With the Power BI REST API, you can build custom apps that leverage rich analytics in Power BI.

Create real-time dashboards

Use the Power BI REST API to push data directly from your application into a dataset in Power BI. Using Azure Stream Analytics integration in Power BI, you can analyze high-volume, streaming data with live operational dashboards. Your dashboards will be updated in real time when the data changes. No more waiting or having to press the Refresh button.

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